Inflatable Sleeper Scarf for Weary Travelers

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Sleeper ScarfThe Sleeper Scarf solves the problem of getting rest on a flight and beats the uncomfortable pillows offered by many airlines. The scarf allows passengers to take naps or get a good night’s rest while traveling.

The Sleeper Scarf is a large, soft infinity scarf that has a zippered pocket to store an inflatable neck pillow. The scarf can be worn with the pillow deflated, and then it can be inflated when it is time to take a nap. The pillow and pocket are not obvious if the pillow is deflated. It is the first scarf with a built-in pocket that can conceal an inflatable pillow.

The scarf has a U-shaped pocket around the neck to hold the pillow in place. The Sleeper Scarf comes with either an easy-inflate neck pillow or a traditional inflatable pillow. The user can unwrap the scarf, unzip the back pocket, open the valve, and blow to inflate the scarf. The pillow can be deflated by pressing a button. The neck pillow can also be removed so that the scarf can be worn without it.

The Sleeper Scarf was created by Tiffany Paul of San Francisco, California. The scarf is 77 inches long and is 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex. It can easily be folded up to fit in a suitcase.

The scarf is functional and fashionable and can be used on planes, trains, buses, and cars. It can keep the wearer warm in an over-air-conditioned airplane and is lightweight enough to be worn year-round. The scarf is only available online and comes in pink, turquoise, gray, and black.


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