Inflatable Safety Restraints for Aircraft Passengers

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inflatable aircraft restraintsKey Safety Systems, a parent company of Aviation Occupant Safety LLC, has received a patent for its Safety Restraint Protection for Aircraft Occupants Seated Facing the Side of the Aircraft.

The patent is for an inflatable, monument-mounted device that can be used in both commercial and business aircraft. The technology is used to protect passengers who are seated in positions perpendicular to the cabin of the airplane. The restraint system was developed to comply with Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.

The inflatable restraints can dramatically reduce the amount of lateral movement in the aircraft’s cabin. They can absorb forces from both passenger-to-passenger and passenger-to-cabin structure impacts.

The inflatable restraints are designed to protect passengers from injuries to the head and torso caused by lateral movement and to prevent lateral injury from leg flail, which can occur when people seated laterally get injured because their legs are unsecured. Key Safety Systems’ leg flail restraints have been shown during tests to dramatically reduce the number of leg flail injuries.

The technology is similar to the side airbags in a car and provides better passenger safety than other types of restraints. The engineers who designed the inflatable restraints tried to give them an appearance and to put them in locations that would allow them to blend into the aircraft’s interior and not interfere with its aesthetics.

The restraints are already being used on a mid-size airplane model. Now that the patent has been approved and the technology has been proven to be safe and effective, it can be sold to other aircraft manufacturers.


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