Inflatable Sculptures on Display at Art Gallery

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inflatable sculpture exhibitBedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, California is hosting Blow Up: Inflatable Contemporary Art, a special exhibit of inflatable sculptures, this spring. The exhibition was organized by museum curator Carrie Lederer and will run through June 21.

Blow Up includes inflatable works created by artists Claire Ashley, Lee Boroson, Lewis deSoto, Patrick Flibotte, Billie G. Lynn, Guy Overfelt, Momoyo Torimitsu, and Andy Warhol. They include a seascape that was specially commissioned for the exhibit, two giant bunnies that were created in Japan, and an inflatable car. Blow Up will also include video documenting inflatable works created by Christo and Jeanne-Claude and Joshua Allen Harris.

Visitors to the exhibit at the Bedford Gallery can even sit on some of the inflatables. The exhibit includes blow-up chairs in the shape of four-foot-tall inflatable dogs and dog toys.

The exhibit looks at imaginative ways in which artists can use air to create large-scale sculptures. The imagery included in the exhibition is figurative, conceptual, and abstract. The pieces are intended to be accessible and rich in meaning. They use the viewer’s perception of space and unexpected materials to create a dialogue about pop culture and society.

The exhibition is funded by the Lesher Foundation, JP Morgan Chase, Diablo Regional Arts Association, and the National Endowment for the Arts. After it completes its initial run at the Bedford Gallery, the exhibit of inflatable sculptures will travel to galleries and museums in Arizona, Alabama, Oregon, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, and Colorado. It will tour museums and galleries across the United States for the next three years.


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