Up & Go Celebrates UK Launch with Inflatable Course

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Up Go inflatable obstacle courseUp & Go, an Australian company that produces breakfast drinks, is promoting its recent introduction into the UK market by setting up an inflatable Sydney Harbour Bridge assault course. The inflatable obstacle course will be on London’s Southbank from April 22 to 26.

The Up & Go Bounce Off is a timed obstacle course. Contestants will compete on hurdles, tunnels, punch bags, a trampoline bridge, and a ball pit. They will fight for positions on the leader board, and the competitors with the fastest times each day will be awarded prizes.

The bridge will be 25 meters long and eight meters high, which will make it the largest inflatable bridge ever built anywhere in the world. It will be accompanied by an inflatable version of the Sydney Opera House to celebrate Up & Go’s Australian roots. The site will also have beverages, bean bags, and published race times.

Photographers will be present at the contest each day to capture images of the competitors. The pictures will be able to be shared instantly on social media.

The inflatable obstacle course will travel to several university campuses throughout the UK, including Portsmouth, Leicester, Nottingham, and Kent, in May. Students will be able to compete against students at other universities, and the winners will be awarded a trophy.

Up & Go’s goal is to encourage its customers to be active in the morning and throughout the day. They decided to use the Up & Go Bounce Off to launch their brand in the UK, celebrate their Australian heritage, and promote friendly competition.


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