Kingii Inflatable Wristband Can Prevent Drownings

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Kingii inflatable wristbandLife jackets can save lives, but many people don’t like to wear them because they can be bulky and uncomfortable. Most people who drown have a life jacket nearby but choose not to wear it. Tom Agapiades was inspired to create Kingii after a friend of his drowned three years ago.

Kingii is a much smaller and more convenient alternative to a life jacket. It is a wristband that can inflate if a person is unable to swim. Kingii is the smallest inflatable in the world. It is up to 78 times smaller than a standard life jacket.

The wristband contains an inflatable nylon balloon inside a small pouch next to a carbon dioxide cartridge. The wearer pulls a lever, and the carbon dioxide cartridge is punctured, which causes the wristband to inflate and pull the person to the surface. The inflatable bag is released from the pouch within one second after the wearer pulls the lever.

The inflatable bag has a hexagonal shape that is easy to hold onto. It is bright orange to make it easy to find the person, and an integrated whistle can help the person attract attention. It also comes with a compass to help if the person is lost at sea. The carbon dioxide cartridge can be replaced so the Kingii can be reused.

Kingii is designed to be used by people over the age of 6. It can be used on adults over 275 pounds, and the adjustable wristband can fit anyone. Kingii can be used in a variety of water-related activities, such as swimming, surfing, kayaking, sailing, and fishing. It can be useful in a case of exhaustion, if someone is caught in strong currents or has a cramp or poor circulation, or if a child is in the water without an adult nearby.


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