New Bubble Wrap Will Be Harder to Pop

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iBubble WrapPeople who love to pop Bubble Wrap took to Twitter to voice their displeasure when Sealed Air, the company that makes the inflatable packing material, announced that a new version will be harder to pop.

Bubble Wrap is popular around the world in large part because of the enjoyment people get from popping it. Doctors and sociologists have conducted studies and found that people experience joy from popping Bubble Wrap. Sealed Air sells Bubble Wrap stress relief boxes specifically for that purpose. The company, which is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, has been making the stress-relieving material for over 50 years.

Sealed Air is developing a new packaging material called iBubble Wrap that has chains of interlocked bubbles that let air flow through the plastic. That makes it more difficult to pop the bubbles.

Ken Aurichio, executive director of Sealed Air, said the company decided to create the new product because of the growth of shipping, especially in e-commerce. Companies have tried to reduce the cube sizes of boxes, improve productivity, and enhance their brands. iBubble Wrap inflates when it is ready to be used, which saves storage space for companies that ship products.

Sealed Air plans to create other innovative protective packing materials, especially for e-commerce, and to improve the strength and protective qualities of traditional Bubble Wrap, which will still be used in many applications for the foreseeable future. Aurichio believes that as long as companies want to ship products safely and sustainably, there will continue to be a market for both traditional Bubble Wrap and the new iBubble Wrap.


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