Live Comfy Jacket Inflates So Travelers Can Rest

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Live Comfy inflatable jacketLive Comfy has created a smart jacket with an inflatable hood that provides the wearer with a comfortable pillow to take a nap while traveling.

The jacket has an air system and smart pump that inflates ergonomic air chambers located in the jacket’s hood. A smart phone app controls the pump and enables the wearer to adjust the pressure. The hood can also be inflated manually.

The Live Comfy jacket has other features for travelers. The pump can also function as a portable battery pack that can charge any device that plugs into a USB port. It has an audio jack to listen to music from a phone without the need for wires.

Live Comfy recently launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign. The company’s goal is to raise $30,000.

Live Comfy is currently applying and paying for registrations that are necessary to market the inflatable jacket. They are applying to have the product licensed by Bluetooth. The company also needs to be sure that the jacket complies with all regulations set by the Transportation Security Administration.

Live Comfy hopes to begin to ship jackets in the 2015-2016 winter season. Their intention is to ship them by the end of the year, but they realize that goal is optimistic. Manufacturers they are working with will be filling other orders during the busy holiday season. Depending on the size of the order Live Comfy places, the manufacturers may or may not make the company a top priority. They did not want to promise that orders would be ready by the holidays and be unable to deliver, so they set their goal as sometime during the winter of 2015-2016.


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