Sticky Monsters’ Sports Meet Features Inflatable Runway

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Sticky Monster Lab inflatable runwayThe 7th Annual National Fitness Day on August 8, 2015 was marked by setting up a 140-meter-long inflatable runway in the center of Chengdu, a city in southwestern China. The pop-up runway will remain and will be open to the public until September 6.

The event is known as the Sticky Monsters’ Sports Meet. It is a collaboration between Chengdu International Finance Square, Sticky Monster Lab of South Korea, and AllRightsReserved, which serves as the curator. The inflatable runway is the highlight of the event, which also includes the Sticky Monster Wave Pool, the Vertical Marathon, and the “Happy Burst of Energy” Athletic Party.

Monsters from Sticky Monster Lab are located at various points along the track. The runway also includes obstacles, such as slides and climbing walls, where people can test their strength and skills to cross the finish line. Anyone who completes the runway challenge will receive a limited edition IFS X Sticky Monster Lab Sports Bracelet.

The Sticky Monsters initially appear to be cute monsters, but when spectators look closer, they can see that the monsters are all imperfect in some way. Kibon, for example, has no hands. They are meant to show that everyone is imperfect in some way but that we can all overcome obstacles. The theme of the event is “Challenge Yourself and Overcome the Obstacles.”

Several prominent Chinese athletes attended the Sticky Monsters’ Sports Meet. Residents of Chengdu were also celebrating Beijing’s successful bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The event is also intended to draw attention to the “Warm Current” Public Welfare Project. Chengdu IFS will donate the sports equipment used in the event to underprivileged children who live in mountainous areas in China.


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