Inflatable Ferryboat Can Transport Vehicles over Water

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inflatable FerryboatPeople who enjoy traveling by water may soon be able to have their own personal ferries. A Slovenian company has created a huge inflatable platform that is capable of transporting dozens of people or even vehicles across bodies of water.

Hovercraft created the inflatable plastic Ferryboat. The platform weighs about 660 pounds when deflated. The deflated Ferryboat can be folded up and transported in the trunk of a car when not in use.

The Ferryboat can be inflated with an electric pump in about five minutes. Once it is inflated, the platform is strong enough to be used as a ferry to transport both people and cars. The craft can support people or vehicles weighing up to a total of 11,000 pounds. In a demonstration, it easily transported a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen across a body of water.

The inflatable craft is not designed to be used as a boat and cannot be used in waterways with strong currents. Some of the models are being marketed as rescue decks that can be used to save people who are stranded in bodies of water. The Ferryboat can also be used by people who want to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening on the water enjoying the beauty and serenity of nature.

The Ferryboat is available in a range of models with varying price points. All of the models are crafted with the same strong and durable materials. The first models of the inflatable watercraft will be available for purchase from Hovercraft sometime in 2016.


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