Hammock Has Inflatable Air Mattress and Lights

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DoubleNest hammockSome people enjoy sleeping in a hammock under the stars while out camping in the woods, while others find spending the night in a hammock suspended between two trees uncomfortable. A company called Eagles Nest Outfitters has come up with a new design to make the traditional hammock more comfortable and luxurious.

The DoubleNest LED hammock is an upgraded version of the two-person DoubleNest hammock that Eagles Nest Outfitters already offered. When properly anchored between two sturdy trees, the hammock can support up to 400 pounds.

The hammock has a string of glowing lights that can be turned on at night to allow a person to read, adjust a sleeping bag, walk back to the hammock after using the bathroom, or do anything else necessary to be comfortable on a night out camping. The lights get their power from three AAA batteries. The brightness of the lights is adjustable. A user can even turn on a flashing strobe light to attract attention in the event of an emergency.

Eagles Nest Outfitters has also introduced the AirLoft, a self-inflating air mattress that can be put inside the hammock to make sleeping more comfortable. The inflatable mattress has wings to act as a barrier between the camper and the walls of the hammock that can provide insulation to help the person stay warm on a cold night out camping. According to Eagles Nest Outfitters, the AirLoft is the first self-inflating mattress that was designed specifically to be used with a hammock for camping.


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