Hypnos Hoodie Inflates So Travelers Can Rest

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Hypnos hoodie inflatable pillowTravelers often find it difficult to sleep comfortably on a plane or train or in a car or airport. The Hypnos hoodie, a sweatshirt with an inflatable pillow built into the hood, might be the solution for weary travelers. The Hypnos hoodie is designed to help the wearer sleep in an ergonomically correct and comfortable position.

Cofounder Josh Woodle, who works in film production, got the idea for the Hypnos hoodie while traveling to the airport. He says his brother Ryne had the initial idea for the inflatable garment. Both of the brothers grew up wearing hoodies often, and Josh Woodle wanted to combine a hoodie with a neck pillow for traveling.

The makers spent months designing the right fabric, fit, and function. They chose the hood size and shape and the ratio of fabric in the hood to the size of the inflatable cushion so that the pillow would be comfortable but would also be invisible when not inflated. Woodle worked with designers Elaine Yue and Leah Hulon.

The inflatable pillow inserts are made by a leading U.S. inflatable manufacturer. The inflatable pillow measures 15 inches by 9.5 inches. It can be inflated in three seconds by blowing into a valve on the inside of the hood. It is deflated by gently pressing down on the hood. The pillow is removed before the hoodie is washed and is designed to last a lifetime.

The hoodies have long sleeves and come in black, charcoal gray, and speckled gray. They are available in four styles: fitted pullover, fitted zip-up, relaxed pullover, and relaxed zip-up. A nylon jacket is available in black and matte black. The hoodies are available in sizes for adults and children.

The company conducted a two-year wear-test process on many flights across the United States. The Hypnos hoodie is meant to appeal to millennials and people who travel for work, to visit family and friends, or on vacation.

The company behind the inflatable hoodie has raised over $33,000 on Kickstarter to fund the project. The company surpassed its goal of raising $30,000 by January 11. The team has begun pre-selling the inflatable hoodies on Kickstarter so they can start to manufacture them cost-effectively. The hoodies are expected to be delivered in March 2016.


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