Draw People to Your Event with a Blimp or Balloons

blimps-balloons-business-advertisingIf your business is planning a major event, such as a grand opening, you want to draw in as many people as possible. In order to do that, you need to catch their attention and stand out from all of the other businesses in the area. A sign might catch the eye of people who are walking or driving down the street, but it cannot be seen from far away. You can attract people’s attention and draw them to your event by advertising in the sky with a blimp or balloons.

Custom Advertising Blimps

Inflatable 2000 can make a custom advertising blimp to promote your company’s event. Our blimps are made from PVC fabric with a UV inhibitor to prevent fading. The material is 18 mil thick and is strong enough to be used either indoors or outdoors.

You can also promote your company’s event with a remote-controlled blimp. It can be decorated with your company’s name or logo for instant brand recognition. Inflatable 2000 can make a custom remote-controlled blimp in your choice of 27 colors. Our remote-controlled blimps have a four-channel remote controller and receiver, a gondola with dual motors, and a tailfin motor. They can come outfitted with dual strobe lights on the side and a drop mechanism to drop prizes on a crowd.

Balloons and Helium Balls

Another option is to promote your business with a hot air balloon. Inflatable 2000 can make a custom hot air balloon from PVC fabric with a UV inhibitor that is perfect for outdoor advertising.

Inflatable 2000 can also create a custom balloon in nearly any shape and color. We can create a balloon in the shape of your company’s mascot, your product, an animal, a person, or practically anything else. Most custom inflatable balloons are shipped within three to six weeks.

You can advertise your business and event with inflatable helium balls. They are made from PVC with a UV inhibitor and are ideal for advertising at an outdoor event. Inflatable helium balls will catch the attention of people driving by and make them want to stop in.

Order a Blimp or Balloons from Inflatable 2000

Promoting your company’s event with a helium blimp or balloon can help you catch the attention of people far away. They will be curious about your business and will want to stop at your event. This can help you attract new customers. Contact Inflatable 2000 today to order a custom blimp or balloons for your upcoming event.

Capture People’s Attention at Your Event with an Inflatable Arch

inflatable-arch-eventIf you are planning to attend a special event such as a trade show, athletic competition, or concert to promote your business, you will need to find a way to stand out. Events like those attract hundreds or even thousands of people and are filled with booths and signs advertising dozens of companies. In order to set your business apart and attract people’s attention, you will need a unique way to catch visitors’ eyes.

Welcome Guests with a Custom Inflatable Arch

One simple but effective way to do that is to set up an inflatable arch at the entrance to the event. An arch is a focal point that people will see as soon as they arrive at the trade show, concert, or game. Everyone will need to walk through the arch to enter the event location, so people will be guaranteed to see it.

Inflatable 2000 Can Design an Inflatable Arch for Your Event

Inflatable 2000 can create a custom inflatable arch in any combination of colors you want. We can decorate it with your company’s name and logo to build instant name recognition. The first thing people will see when they arrive at the event will be your company welcoming them. They will need to walk through the arch again when they exit the event, so they will leave thinking about your company.

Contact Inflatable 2000 Today

Inflatable 2000 has a team of creative and talented designers who can work with you to create an attractive inflatable arch that will make your business stand out, even with throngs of people who are surrounded by advertisements from dozens of other companies. An inflatable arch is a simple way to capture people’s attention and will be the first and last thing on their minds at the event. Contact Inflatable 2000 today to learn more or to have us get started on designing an inflatable arch for your upcoming event.