Rent Inflatable Games for Your School’s Special Event

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Schools sponsor many types of events throughout the year to mark special occasions, recognize achievements, raise money, and give students an opportunity to relax and have fun. If you are planning a special event for your school in Southern California, you want to provide entertainment that will keep students engaged and active and let them have a good time.

One way to help young people enjoy themselves at a school event is to rent inflatables. The Fun Company rents many types of inflatable attractions that are perfect for school events in Southern California. They are ideal for fundraisers, fairs, carnivals, grad nights, and end-of-year celebrations.

Bounce Houses

If you are planning an event at an elementary school, you can rent an inflatable bounce house. The Fun Company has jumpers with a variety of designs and fun themes. You can rent a bounce house shaped like a castle or with an ocean or pirate theme. Our bounce houses are decorated with bright colors to make them attractive to young children.

Interactive Inflatables

We also have interactive inflatables that are suitable for kids of all ages. You can rent an inflatable jousting beam, boxing ring, Bubble Bowling, Bungee Run, or other interactive games that will be sure to keep kids entertained for hours and will foster some friendly competition.

Inflatable Slides

The Fun Company also rents inflatable slides that can be set up at school events. Our slides are fun for kids of all ages, and many have themes that are designed to appeal to children, such as our Adventure Galley and Big Kahuna slides. You can rent either a wet or dry slide for your school’s event.

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

An inflatable obstacle course is a fun way to encourage kids to be active at your school event and to compete with their classmates and friends. The Fun Company rents inflatable obstacle courses with multiple elements with fun themes, including Black Ops and the Boot Camp Challenge. Our obstacle courses can be arranged in a variety of ways to fit into spaces of many shapes and sizes.

Rent Inflatables from The Fun Company for Your School’s Event

Whether you are planning a graduation celebration, a party to mark a school milestone or special achievement, an annual fair or carnival, or a fundraiser, The Fun Company has many entertainment options to make the event fun for everyone. We offer inflatable bounce houses, slides, interactive games, and obstacle courses for events at schools in Southern California. Contact us today to learn more or to make your reservations.


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