Capture People’s Attention at Your Event with an Inflatable Arch

inflatable-arch-eventIf you are planning to attend a special event such as a trade show, athletic competition, or concert to promote your business, you will need to find a way to stand out. Events like those attract hundreds or even thousands of people and are filled with booths and signs advertising dozens of companies. In order to set your business apart and attract people’s attention, you will need a unique way to catch visitors’ eyes.

Welcome Guests with a Custom Inflatable Arch

One simple but effective way to do that is to set up an inflatable arch at the entrance to the event. An arch is a focal point that people will see as soon as they arrive at the trade show, concert, or game. Everyone will need to walk through the arch to enter the event location, so people will be guaranteed to see it.

Inflatable 2000 Can Design an Inflatable Arch for Your Event

Inflatable 2000 can create a custom inflatable arch in any combination of colors you want. We can decorate it with your company’s name and logo to build instant name recognition. The first thing people will see when they arrive at the event will be your company welcoming them. They will need to walk through the arch again when they exit the event, so they will leave thinking about your company.

Contact Inflatable 2000 Today

Inflatable 2000 has a team of creative and talented designers who can work with you to create an attractive inflatable arch that will make your business stand out, even with throngs of people who are surrounded by advertisements from dozens of other companies. An inflatable arch is a simple way to capture people’s attention and will be the first and last thing on their minds at the event. Contact Inflatable 2000 today to learn more or to have us get started on designing an inflatable arch for your upcoming event.

Make Your Company Stand out at a Trade Show with an Inflatable Replica

inflatable-product-replica-trade-showIt can be difficult to stand out at an event like a trade show, where you are surrounded by dozens or perhaps hundreds of booths representing different companies. Some of those companies may be offering products or services that are similar to yours.

If you are going to be attending a trade show, you need a way to make your company stand out from your competitors and attract people’s attention. Attendees at trade shows may be overwhelmed by the many booths and people competing for their attention, so you need to find a way to quickly catch their eyes and make them interested in learning about what your company has to offer.

Capture People’s Attention at a Trade Show with an Inflatable Product Replica

One way to do that is to set up an inflatable replica at your booth. An inflatable replica can be designed in the form of your company’s product. It will help attendees at the trade show instantly recognize exactly who you are and what your company offers.

Inflatable replicas are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. They can be made in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and to fit in the amount of space you have available, while still giving people enough room to walk around and talk to representatives from your company.

Inflatable 2000 Can Create a Custom Inflatable Replica

Inflatable 2000 has made inflatable replicas for many companies to promote their products and services at events such as trade shows. We have worked with companies in many industries to create larger-than-life likenesses of their products that allowed people to instantly recognize the company and what it had to offer. An inflatable replica is an easy and effective way to catch people’s eyes, even in a crowded room.

We can create inflatable replicas in many forms. We will work with you to design a replica that captures the likeness of your product and will be instantly recognizable. We can use a wide range of colors and shapes to remain true to the appearance of your company’s product.

An inflatable replica is a simple and highly effective way to promote your business at a trade show. Inflatable 2000 can work with you to design and create a custom inflatable replica of your company’s product. Contact us today so we can start designing an inflatable replica for your upcoming trade show.

Why You Should Use an Inflatable Tent to Promote Your Business

inflatable tent advertisingIf you are planning an outdoor event at your company’s location or will be attending a trade show or some other type of gathering open to the public, you want to find a way to advertise your business that will make it stand out. Plenty of other companies will have signs and banners to promote their products and services. You can set your business apart and attract people’s attention by setting up an inflatable tent.

Effective Promotional Tool

An inflatable tent can be an excellent promotional tool. It can be decorated in vibrant colors with your company’s name and logo to build brand recognition. People attending your event will instantly know that the tent belongs to your company and can be attracted by the display. They will want to come inside to learn more about your business by looking at product demonstrations, signs, and brochures and by talking to your employees.

Flexible Form of Advertising

Inflatable tents are easy to set up and take down. They can be inflated quickly and can be used in all seasons. If you are planning to attend or sponsor an event in the summer, an inflatable tent is the perfect way to provide shade for attendees.

An inflatable tent can be used over and over at multiple locations. If your employees travel frequently to attend trade shows or other events across the country, you can simply pack up your inflatable tent, take it with you, and re-inflate it at your next event.

Cost-Effective Way to Promote Your Business

An inflatable tent is an affordable form of advertising. Unlike print, TV, and radio advertising, which require regular spending to keep running ads, you can buy an inflatable tent once and use it for years. This makes it a much more cost-effective form of advertising than other ways that people promote their businesses.

Order a Custom Inflatable Tent

Inflatable 2000 designs and creates custom inflatable tents that businesses can use to promote themselves at trade shows and other public events. If you are interested in using an inflatable tent to advertise, contact Inflatable 2000 today to learn more.

Inflatable 2000 Debuts World’s Tallest Wet/Dry Slide

Free Fall SlideInflatable 2000, a leader in the field of inflatable slides, bounce houses, and promotional products, unveiled the world’s tallest inflatable wet/dry slide at the 2014 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions held in Orlando, Florida from November 17 to 21.

The inflatable slide stood over five stories tall and combined two heart-pounding rides. On one side was a 30-foot vertical drop, while on the other side riders could shoot down the VertiGo Super Slide. At the bottom of both sides was a “kicker” that let riders soar into the air before landing.

Safety was a top priority. Zero Shock inflatable air bags at the bottom cushioned riders’ landings. The air bags offer low impacts, even at high speeds and great heights. The patented system was originally developed to be used for Hollywood stunts and trapeze routines but has been utilized for backyard bouncy castles as well. Removable SureTread stairs made of impervious ABS plastic can withstand traffic from thousands of riders without showing wear and tear, unlike traditional slippery foam stairs that can degrade quickly.

Despite its huge size, the inflatable wet/dry slide is easy to set up and tear down. With the use of constant air blowers, the Cyndrilovator™ base design can be inflated and deflated in under half an hour. The EZ Drain System® redirects pooled water, which makes it easy to drain the slide. The inflatable slide is ideal for carnivals, concerts, festivals, parties, and other types of outdoor events.

Inflatable 2000 was founded in 1993 by Steve and Meril Gray. It has grown into a leader in custom inflatable design for amusement parks, businesses, and special events around the world.

The IAAPA was created in 1918 and is the largest trade association for permanently situated amusement facilities in the world. It represents over 4,500 facilities, suppliers, and individual members from more than 97 countries.

Lindstrand Technologies Offers Hi Flyer Balloon for Rides and Advertising

Hi FlyerThe Hi Flyer, Lindstrand Technologies‘ tethered helium balloon, allows people to view the world from above while providing companies with a way to advertise themselves and their products to the masses.

Certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency, the Hi Flyer can carry up to 30 passengers at a time, normally for 15 minutes. It can also be used for promoting businesses at public and corporate events. Advertising can be applied to the envelope by painting, self-adhesive film, digital printing, or banners.

The envelope is made from material with a very low helium permeation rate. It has a volume of 6,000 cubic meters and lasts at least six years. It is lit up at night by three bulbs, so advertising can be seen 24 hours a day.

The gondola is made from aircraft-quality stainless steel to ensure a long life. It is shaped like a donut with a lift cable in the middle to keep it horizontal.

The winch weighs about 10 tonnes (22,000 pounds) and requires minimal maintenance. It has a 200-meter (600-foot) tether cable with a long life, and its optimal flight height is 120 meters (360 feet). Lindstrand Technologies provides installation and crew training for the Hi Flyer.

Lindstrand Technologies has designed, manufactured, and installed Hi Flyers for over 30 years at over 48 locations in countries throughout North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. The Hi Flyer is one of the company’s most popular products.

Inflatable Technology used for Trade Show Exhibits

Inflatable Display

A global display system company is the first to create trade show exhibit structures using inflatable technology. The technology was just unveiled recently at a launch event at the company’s headquarters in the United States.

Skyline, a display system producer and designer company, has created a new way for companies to advertise themselves at trade shows. Skyline’s WindScape exhibit system is the first system to use inflatable technology for trade show exhibit structures. By using inflatable exhibits, companies can more easily transport, set-up, and take them down.

The line of inflatable exhibits comes with 46 different standard shapes, including small overlays and back wall displays to large hanging structures and 4.8 meter tall towers. There is even a full inflatable conference room that can be used as a display. The idea behind the inflatable advertisements is portability and convenience. One of the full three meter back wall displays is easily transported in a Inflatable Exhibitsingle carry-on case and the displays only take minutes to inflate and deflate.

Skyline knew that it is a major expense for companies to transport and set up exhibits at trade shows. Their WindScape line makes the exhibits easier to transport and reduces installation time, while maintaining both quality and professional style. The inflatable exhibits are inflated by an air pump that is powered by either a rechargeable battery pack or plug that is designed to work all around the world. The structure is built around a fabric frame that contains an inner air tube. When the air tube is inflated, it creates a solid frame. The frame is covered by a wrinkle-free fabric graphic that is customized for each company. The fabric is also removable, allowing for companies to easily change the look of their exhibit.

The WindScape line, while designed for trade shows, has many other applications. They can be used for events, popup stores, outside brick and mortar stores, shopping center displays, media walls, or temporary private spaces like hotel conferences. The unique design, easy transport, set-up, and break down should make the inflatable exhibits very popular with companies looking for advertising.

The American Inflatable Road Show in Austin, Texas

The American Inflatable Road Show

The American Inflatable Road Show will be in Austin, Texas from April 24th to the 25th. It is a trade show designed specifically for companies in the inflatable product industry. The leading inflatable companies will be at the AIR show to show off their inflatable slides, bounce houses, and promotional products.

The American Inflatable Alliance sponsors the AIR show and was started in 2012. It is the only trade show dedicated entirely to inflatables and the inflatable industry. Visitors will be able to see the most creative inflatables that companies from around the country have to offer. There will be many inflatable products that people can try first hand to understand the excitement they offer.

The country’s biggest inflatable companies, like Inflatable 2000, will be on hand in Austin for the show. Inflatable 2000Inflatable 2000 is the world’s leading source for amusement inflatables, promotional inflatables, tents, banners, and more. The inflatable company has worked with many large companies and organizations such as NASA, Disney, and 20th Century Fox Films to create custom designed inflatable products. Inflatable 2000 also works with many smaller businesses to create custom inflatable products that they can use to effectively brand their services or products to their target audience.

The American Inflatable Road Show was created to bring a series of regional shows to various cities across the country. The AIR Show in Austin will feature the leaders in the inflatable industry and is designed specifically for those in the market for inflatable products. There will be a wide variety of businesses that use inflatable products at the show, including event companies, backyard rental companies, and anyone company that features inflatable play structures.

The AIR Show will be held at the Austin, Texas Convention Center and there will also be educational seminars, exhibits, and safety training. Doors will be open to the public on Wednesday, April 24th at 8:30 am. The show will close on Thursday, April 25th at 3:00 pm.

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Inflatable Obstacle Course Used for Fire Safety

When it comes to inflatable products, it can be argued that the bounce house is the most popular party rental available. However, following close behind is the inflatable obstacle course, which comes in a number of varieties and themes. Most are constructed as a great way to have races between people, both old and young. Whether it is a military themed course or just a fun multi-color course, everyone will have a great time. A recent article from The Post Crescent found an interesting use for an inflatable obstacle course that mixes this fun with an educational spin.

The article says that firefighters from Neenah-Menasha, Wisconsin, are purchasing a new inflatable obstacle for fire safety awareness and education:

“The obstacle course measures 14 feet wide, 14 feet tall and 73 feet long — nearly the length of a tennis court — and comes from an Ohio company that has made towering balloon characters for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Firefighters think the obstacle course will be the first of its kind in Wisconsin. ‘I don’t think there’s any other department around that has something like this,’ Fire Chief Al Auxier said.”

The new fire-themed inflatable will cost almost $17,000, the article says. All of the funding will come from grants and funds not directly connected to local taxpayer dollars. What makes this course unique is its construction, which has standard obstacles utilized in new ways. For instance, the stairs that most obstacle courses include actually lead to a smoke detector on this course:

“The obstacle course starts with a ‘stop, drop and roll’ area and a crawl through a window to simulate exiting a building. The next area teaches ‘crawl low in smoke’ or ‘stay low and go.’ The inflatable consists of two sections that can be separated for use in two locations or in smaller venues like gymnasiums and churches. The sections are designed to deflate quickly in case firefighters need to leave for an emergency.”

This is a truly unique way to utilize an inflatable for usage as an fun, educational tool that promotes a message of safety!

Creating Custom Promotional Inflatables

Custom Promotional InflatablesNo doubt you have been to a plethora of backyard BBQs, graduation parties and birthday parties that featured a bounce house or inflatable obstacle course. There is also no doubt that after the kids ran out of icing sugar energy and fell asleep, the adults got on the inflatable and had a great time as well. You have seen inflatables, used inflatables and had a blast on many inflatables, but there is one thing you don’t know: not all inflatables are created equally.

What do we mean by this? It means that while your rental inflatable is awesome, you can have custom-created promotional inflatables made from a vision you dreamed up one day. Imagine sitting in a marketing meeting at your office and pitching an idea for an inflatable blimp with your company’s name on it. Maybe your business has a mascot – why not have an inflatable costume made based on your mascot?

At Custom Inflatables, these are the types of projects we love to take on. Make your company stand out with a brand new, custom designed inflatable product to help your marketing team. We approach these projects with a four step process:

Get in Touch – Contact our team of professionals and we’ll get an idea of what you are looking for. We will help you full develop your inflatable vision and get to work.

The Render – We’re not just going to take your idea and build it sight unseen. We create a fully customized 3D model based on your initial consultation.

Approval – If you approve of the render we create, we start the inflatable creation process. Just imagine your 3D render in life-size – that’s exactly what we are making for you. If you don’t approve of the render, we make the changes you want.

The Finished Product – After construction, we deliver your inflatable and get to see two things – a big smile from you and the start of an innovative, attention- grabbing marketing campaign.

Just think it up and we’ll inflate it for you!

Advertising with Inflatable Blimps

Take your message to the sky with inflatable blimps

Today the traditional channels for advertising are beyond cluttered. From television and smart phones to billboards and web sites room is running out for all the ads businesses are trying to promote. However, the phrase ‘the sky is the limit’ has never been more true when it comes to advertising and with inflatable blimps you can rule the skies and market your business product or service in a creative way that is impossible to miss. Made with vinyl (PVC) and nylon fabrics with a UV inhibitor, inflatable blimps are sturdy and durable and can withstand heat, wind and rain.

Advertising blimps come in a galaxy of vivid colors and can be designed to include your logo or custom tagline to encourage consumers to contact your business. Available in small 13’ lengths and larger 30’ lengths, you can find an advertising blimp that best suits your business’ needs. Inflated with helium and anchored by strong tethers, advertising blimps can spend hours circling trade shows, new store openings and outdoor events so people from all over will have a chance to view your company’s promotion.

For indoor and outdoor use you can also find advertising blimps that are remote controlled so you can steer flight times from 30 minutes to up to 2 hours. Made with electric systems instead of gas power these remote controlled advertising blimps are safer to use and give you the ability to steer your blimp where the crowds are. Stop fighting with competitors for traditional ad space and take to the air to promote your business product or service using high quality advertising blimps.