Inflatables Entertain Members of Boys and Girls Club

Inflatables 2000

The members of the Hudson High School Explorer’s football team came to the Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland to help the kids have a good time for the holidays. Along with around 30 football players, family members and friends also came to volunteer. The event, called “Holiday Games Day,” was organized by Marylee Maendler and other parents. The mother of a sophomore football player, Marylee brought in treats, games, a photo booth, and inflatables to make it a memorable day for the members of the club.

Organizers collected cash donations to raise money for the event. They rented inflatables that made an obstacle course. The photo booth was set up for free unlimited photos and there were different accessories for the kids to dress up in. Inflatable Obstacle CourseJoAnn fabrics donated over 140 blanket kits for the kids, so they could make their own blankets and bring them home with them. The children got to play on the inflatables, do lots of crafts, and take all the pictures they wanted with their friends and family.

Marylee and the other organizers were not sure what to expect at first, because it was their first time doing the event. A snowstorm hit the day before the scheduled date, so they were unsure how many kids would make it. To the organizers surprise, about 120 kids from the club made it to the Holiday Games Day and they had a great time.

Even though it started out as a football-sponsored event, about 40 businesses and families were responsible for the success of the first Holiday Games Day. The day came to conclusion when the volunteers handed out 200 gourmet cupcakes to the kids that were donated by Main Street Cupcakes, a local bakery. The whole day was a great experience for the football players and the members of the Boys and Girls Club.

Inflatables & Team Building

Any business owner worth his salt will tell you that team building is one of the most important elements in any effective company. Making sure that all of your departments and employees are capable of working together effectively is crucial to the financial and overall success of your business model. Team building exercises act as a way to improve communication within your company walls, strengthen efficiency and bring your team to an understanding of how to increase productivity by working together. While there are a number of ways to achieve these goals, inflatables are an excellent way to bring your employees together. Here are some of the inflatables that will help you with your company:

Human FoosballHuman foosball is a great inflatable when considering how your team is only effective when they work together. In this inflatable version of the classic table game, 10 of your employees get into a 50 ft by 30 ft arena and play a human sized version of foosball as the little men on the rods! Since the players are harnessed in together, they must move as a team to play effectively. Perfect for building unity within the office environment in a fun way!

Jacob’s Ladder – Having a friendly competition can also reinforce bonds made within your office and the Jacob’s Ladder provides a way to achieve this! Have two co-workers try and climb to the top of these unstable rope ladders as quickly as possible! It may sound dangerous, but it’s safe for everyone, especially with the inflatable floor!

Laser BattleThe ultimate in team activities that are both rewarding and extremely fun, a good laser tag game is an excellent way to make teams and show how working together is quite effective in real world and company situations. And who doesn’t love a good game of laser tag?


IAAPA & Inflatable 2000

I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t enjoy the idea of an amusement park. Even if you don’t absolutely love heights and the thrill of being dropped hundreds of feet, there is always something for everyone to do at a theme park. Whether you like eating fried Oreos or flying through the air at 85 miles an hour, you will find some kind of attraction to take your mind off your troubles for some time.

When thinking about how popular parks are, I wasn’t too surprised to hear about the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), a group that, according to their website, “envision[s] a professional association regarded as an indispensable resource for our members and an international authority for our industry.”

Every year the IAAPA has an expo that brings together companies that provide products and services that bring the best in the world of amusement to one place. All kinds of different businesses will be there, like theme parks, family entertainment centers, small amusement parks, bowling alleys, hotels, casinos and many more representatives from the industry. Featuring nine miles worth of exhibitors, the ideas that you will find for your business will be close to unlimited.

The information about preparation, execution, competition and revenue generation will be an indispensable aid to your personal amusement business. The amount of inter-industry connections to make at this year’s expo can be an open avenue for your business to move into areas of attractions that you may not have thought of before.

One of the exhibitors at this year’s IAPPA is a leader in inflatable rentals nationwide – Inflatable 2000. Inflatable 2000 is a number one source for inflatable rentals and promotional advertising products that range from customized kiosks to totally awesome bounce castles and water slides. The products from Inflatable 2000 are available for rental and purchase, depending on your needs.

Competitive Inflatables

There is nothing like a little healthy competition to get your adrenaline pumping. Competitive inflatables can be an excellent way to build team unity, but are also an effective form of exercise for school functions and activities. Adding the element of a contest or “battle” to the enjoyment already implicit with inflatables just amplifies the joy that children (and even adults) will experience.

Inflatable 2000 offers a myriad of various obstacle and game inflatables, including:

Race to the Top – Strap on protective head gear – this inflatable is one crazy team challenge. Two to four players enter and each line up at one of four lanes. Each player must climb up the inflatable by rope and grab one of two colored batons matched up to their respective lane. Once obtained, the baton must be placed at the starting position along a strip of Velcro. The second baton must be retrieved the same way and returned the same way as the first. The first person to return both batons is the winner – you can customize the game to make it the first team to return the batons wins. The mountain can be made more difficult for older kids or adults by adjusting the air pressure.

Gladiator – If you’re looking for a good old fashioned obstacle course, you won’t find many better than Gladiator, a perfect inflatable for timed challenges. Contenders enter the giant Coliseum ring up a difficult curved climb against the humongous gladiator figure and slide down into the action. Never mind the other team – pop-out obstacles are the main competition in this arena. You might want to face the lion’s mesh belly, if you can stomach the pressure.

Justice League Double Challenge – The Justice League Double Challenge is an inflatable focused on true comic book heroes, like Batman, Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern. Two kids must make their way through respective sides of the inflatable, dodging pop-ups and quickly speeding through crawl spaces. Featuring a center climb slide, the opponents exit on different colored slides.